Wednesday [Expected Spring 2024] Outwit your opponents by playing the cards out of your hand as quickly as possible. Play your highest cards at the right time or take a risk that could have big consequences, but watch out! Familiar characters from Wednesday keep you on your toes. A game...Read More


Cattitude In the Cattorian era, the cat elite likes to show how evolved they are by keeping birds without eating them. Let your noble cats collect as many birds as possible. But watch out for cats who can't control their instincts: the bird addicts. Is your palace worth the most points? Then you have this...Read More


Obelisk The era of ancient Egypt awaits you! Compete with your competitors and master the art of building beautiful Obelisks. You need several pieces of stone of the same color to make an Obelisk. Parts you cannot use can serve as pedestals or...Read More

The Game of Letters

The Letter Game Will you make the most words and score more points than your opponent? In this challenging letter game, try to make as many words as possible. Use the joker to put down the nicest words. But beware! Your opponent might just swap his cards with you. Are you creative in...Read More


Creepeas You work in a laboratory and secretly build new monsters. These monsters are created from peas and are called Creepeas. Create as many complete monsters as you can. But beware! There can also be mismonsters, which will spoil the fun if you don't complete them. Find the funniest limbs together and create your own crazy monsters!...Read More