Frequently Asked Questions

I lost a part of a game, can I reorder it?

When game parts are missing in a game, you can send an email

I am looking for the rules of a particular game, where can I find them?

On the website, for each game, there is the option of downloading the game rules via a link.

I have come up with a game and would like to show the game idea.

We are curious to hear your idea! You can email the idea to

I have a question, complaint or suggestion.

We would love to hear your opinion or question to see if we can make our products even better. Please send an email to with the following information: your name, phone number and email address, the game in question, where you bought the game, and the game's bar code and item number. The game's barcode and item number can be found on the bottom of the box.

Can I also order a game directly from you?

No, unfortunately. We are happy to refer you to the larger stores. If you cannot find the game you can send an email to

I would like to sign up to test games.

Nice! We are always looking for testers. We would like to receive an email with the following information: contact information, name, age, phone number and email address. You can send an email to

I am interested in a game for procurement and international release.

We are always looking for new collaborations and would love to receive an email at

I would like to set up a business partnership. What are the possibilities for this?

We are always open for new collaborations and would be pleased to receive an email at